What is Roomscaper?
Roomscaper is a product discovery site and marketplace for signature furniture and home
accessories. Introducing you to stores and designers based on your values and style preferences,
Roomscaper provides access to a knowledgeable design community and offers tools to organize
and keep track of products, ideas and links for your living space.
Why do I need to use Roomscaper?
Your living space should be a reflection of who YOU are. Roomscaper transforms a space into
your space, by connecting you to stores and designers that reflect your values. Every object on
Roomscaper is built around a narrative that can define and give shape to a room. Roomscaper keeps
you organized as you seek items for your interiors, use it to:
How to use Roomscaper?
Finding that special piece may be hard, but Roomscaping is easy. Use the guide below to get the most
out of our features:

Follow people, brands and stores that share
your values and styles Your “Following” feed
will be populated with new products, advice
and recommendations reflecting your
approach to home design.
Create collections
Roomscaper allows you to save products and
create custom collections. View and compare
sets of existing and new furnishings in one
Save links and items found on and off Roomscaper
Drag the "Roomsave It" Button to your browser to save and
add images to your collections from anywhere on the web.
Watch the video to learn how to install the Roomsave It
Button on your browser.
Click here to get the Roomsave It bookmarklet.
Save to Roomscaper
Browse and search for products

Search, filter and shop what you are looking for by Room, Style, Color, Location and Product
Share your tastes and connect with the Roomscaper design community

When you hover over a product image in your feed, the buttons below will appear:
Save and store products by room, color, style and type.
Create collections of products and share them with friends and the people you live with. Invite others who share your style to contribute to your collections. Or, keep collections private. It’s up to you!
Comment on specific products and share your opinions with others.
Ask the community questions to help you solve your decorating dilemmas.
More information, please!
Mosey over to, From R Hearts, Roomscaper’s official blog for company news, product updates, events,
and general musings about home decor.
Need to contact us?
Email us at: info@roomscaper.com.
Or, check us out on: